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Ready! Tech! GO!

March 20th at 6 pm

Come to school to learn about setting up healthy gadgets and internet environment for your children, enjoy free pizza and drinks. 


Safety is our goal number one, and the after-school policy will help to provide safety to our students at SLES PTA.

Every student and parent/guardian (PTA or non-PTA member) will have to obey the After School Policy while participating in/visiting any events organized and presented by SLES PTA. 

Click on the link to read a simple 1-page policy built to support and protect our kids: SLES-after-school-policy-2023-2024.pdf


Programs and Activities

Here you can see all the programs and activities PTA team organize for our students at SLES. We are always in need for volunteers so don`t forget to check out For Volunteers tab to learn how you can get involved today. 

  • Popsicles in the Park
  • Movie Night
  • Year round fundraising (restaurant nights etc.)
  • Book Fairs
  • Library night
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Popcorn 
  • Fall Fundraiser
  • Paws Reading
  • Candy Grams
  • Fun Run: donate here
  • Work out Wednesday
  • Carnival
  • Art Auction
  • Raffle Basket
  • Yearbook
  • Watch Dogs - Playground Pals: learn more here
  • School pictures
  • Missoula Children’s Theatre
  • School trail clean up projects - make a difference day
  • Sports nights out

Simply email to
Subject: New Volunteer/Chair 

Shadow Lake PTA After School Events Policy

Behavior Expectations

  • All children must be directly supervised by an adult while on school property for events before or after regular school hours. NO DROP OFFS
  • Students must follow the same expectations as they would during the school day (ie: walking in the hallways, no climbing on furniture, no playing on the stage).
  • Adult supervisors are responsible for monitoring behavior and reinforcing expectations.
  • Adults and Children are expected to be respectful to adult organizers.
  • Adult organizers of events should communicate with the teacher/specialist whose space they are using to establish usage norms for the space.
  • Classrooms or spaces not specifically designated for the event are off limits to parents and students.
  • The Staff Lounge is primarily for the use of staff or for the preparation of materials for the events. Unsupervised children are not allowed in the Staff Lounge.

After Hours Building Access

  • In order to maintain the safety of staff, students and visitors after hours are asked to enter in the main gate and proceed directly to the advertised event area

Playground Pals

Playground Pals is a special opportunity for parents and caregivers to join students at their lunch recess.

-Help monitor kids during their recess time.
-Play games with kids at recess (catch, soccer, tag, etc.)
-Offer to help in your child’s classroom or the office before or after recess.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time slots are divided by grade level:
11:40am-12:15pm Kindergarten & 1st grade
12:15pm-12:45pm 2nd & 3rd grade
12:45pm-1:15pm 4th & 5th grade

Sign up:
Or email Jazzmin:

If you would like to offer to volunteer in your child’s class before or after your chosen time slot, please reach out to your child’s teacher directly.

All volunteers must be cleared by the district. We’d like to have volunteers booked at least 10 days ahead. This will give everyone time to plan & announce each week’s Playground Pals on Tiger TV.

Questions? Jazzmin Chidester:


PAWs Reading

PAWS is an "at home" reading program designed to encourage students to read and to celebrate their reading accomplishments. Students track their reading for each month on a PAWS log calendar as they work toward meeting the 20 min a day/400 min a month goal.

It is our desire to see Shadow Lake students develop such a love for reading that they grab a good book when looking for something fun to do before reaching for the remote or gaming controller.

How it works:

  • PAWS calendar logs will be due monthly on the first
    school day of every month for the previous month.
    Parents review the total and initial before they return the
    calendar for tallying.
  • Use printable calendars and drop them at school (Printable calendar) or submit student Paw reading minute totals here by clicking on a corresponding month below. ALWAYS put the student's name First
    and last (clearly), the teacher's name and grade on the printable calendar. 
  • PTA is attempting to cut back on paper flyers due to the
    cost. But we are happy to print if necessary; please email
  • Any amount of reading counts! Just put the minutes on
    each day. Any reading counts... independent reading, reading with
    parents, or audiobooks. Have FUN! Color your calendar.

Goals/ Prizes:

Individual Monthly Goal: 

A treat of some kind will be given to everyone who participates monthly.


Collaborative Monthly Goal:

The classes with the highest percentage of participants reading. The winning class will be awarded bragging rights for the month.


Yearly Individual Goal:

Yearly-Students who meet monthly Paws goals will be
recognized at the yearly Paws awarded.


The WSPTA Outstanding Educator Award is presented to an individual who has exhibited continued and dedicated statewide contributions and efforts to enhance the educational outcomes of all children or youth. This is the “Educator of the Year” award from WSPTA (an educator is not limited to a teacher).
A local PTA or council interested in recognizing an outstanding educator who has made significant contributions in their community may find more information here.


SLES PTA gives the Golden Acorn Award to honorees who have given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school community. 

The Golden Acorn Award is presented by our local PTA unit to a volunteer in recognition of his/her dedication and service to children and youth. Since the beginning of this program, more than 44,000 Golden Acorns have been presented to volunteers throughout Washington State. A contribution in the name of the recipient(s) is made by the honoring PTA to the Washington State PTA Financial Grant Foundation. From these contributions, the foundation is able to provide approximately $65,000 in scholarships to freshman students entering post-secondary education.